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We have seen new and innovative ways to add LEDs to wallpaper and ceilings, now Philips has partnered with Desso to start putting them floors. This new partnership is designed to patent the world’s first LED-lit luminous carpets. This new material could completely change the way we interact with indoor enviroments: guiding people safely to exits during emergencies and making it much easier to get information from directional signs instead of fighting to look over crowds in airports or train stations.

The project is still in its infancy, so neither company has given too many detials on what the final product will look like or how it will even look. So far all they have mentioned is it will involve a layer of LEDs beneath a special light transmissive carpet, giving it the appearance of an orinary carpet until it’s lit. When the LEDS are switched on a variety of color, figure, or message can be show through the carpet.

Imagine being able to change the ambiance of a room buy turning on the glow of the carpet or have it changing colors. Restraunts and night clubs could easily use this to distinguish themselves amoung competitors. What about the ability for advertisers to pay for messaging space directly beneath the feet of communters in train stations or airports?

According to the the designers, this LED carpeting technology can replace existing signage by providing engaging floor coverings that talk directly to our senses and to our eyes’ natural inclination to seek out light, whilst going hand-in-hand with our tendaency to look at the floor when walking.

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