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citrus-fresh-chocolate-stainChocolate Stains in Your Carpet? Follow These Tips for Easy Cleaning

Almost everyone loves chocolate, but not when it lands on your carpets, leaving your flooring with a noticeable brown mess. When chocolate falls on your carpets, you need to act quickly, so the stain does not become permanent. Before calling for carpet cleaning in Mount Pleasant, SC, Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning recommends you take precautions and try to remove some of the stain yourself.
If the chocolate stain is in liquid form, blot it with paper towels or a dry, white absorbent cloth. For solid chocolate, work toward the center of the stain by scraping up as many pieces as you can. Try to break up pieces that may adhere to carpet fibers before vacuuming the area.
The next step is to select a solution for removal of the chocolate spot. Non-flammable solutions or dry cleaning solvents produce the best results. Never pour these types of solutions directly onto the carpeting because if it seeps downward it can damage the latex in the backing. If you are concerned about using chemicals in your home even for spot treatments, you may want to try an organic solution, or contact our office at (843) 566- 4018 to learn more about our carpet cleaning services in Charleston, SC so that we can answer any questions you may have.
Homemade solutions to help rid carpeting of chocolate stains include mixing 1/4-teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with one cup of lukewarm water. Another mix involves using 1 cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of water. When mixing a detergent solution, never use laundry detergent or automatic dishwashing detergent as these soaps contain optical brighteners and bleaching agents.
Select a solution, apply a small amount on a white cloth, and then work it gently into the stain, being careful not to rub at it. Work from the edges to the center to prevent it from spreading. Keep the cloth on the spill for several moments and then blot. Complete removal may require several applications. If one solution doesn’t appear to work, try another.
Rinse the area thoroughly with cold water after the stain is removed to prevent residue build-up that can attract dirt. Blot with a separate dry cloth until the area is dry. Some stubborn chocolate stains may require treatment by professional carpet cleaners in Mount Pleasant, SC. Trust Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning to safely and naturally remove chocolate and other stains from your carpeting. We serve many areas in Metro Charleston, including Mount Pleasant, Summerville, Kiawah Island and many more locations, and would be happy to come to your home to provide you with a free estimate at your convenience!

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