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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC

VCT is a resilient flooring option commonly used in commercial applications, but also used in homes. The advantage of this flooring is that it returns to its original form after pressure is applied to it. Another advantage is that VCT is user friendly and softer than other hard surfaces. This flooring is also available as sheet vinyl, rubber, and linoleum.

VCT is usually in 12″ square tiles—sometimes 9″ square tiles—and manufactured from limestone, a coloring agent, and vinyl resin. 

If you install a VCT floor, you will want to institute a regular cleaning plan. The stages for care are the first cleaning, everyday sweeping, periodic special cleaning, and a restorative plan for older or heavily used tiles.

First Cleaning

If you are lucky, this cleaning will be for a new floor, but an older floor may not have been cared for and show excessive wear. Whatever the case may be, a professional cleaner will begin by following the manufacturer’s first cleaning protocol. This procedure may consist of scrubbing the tiles and the application of a floor finish of several coats. If the floor is really bad, all the finish put on in the factory may need to be stripped away, followed by a rinse and neutralization of the floor. The final step is applying new finishes and sealer. If it is a new installation, wait before doing maintenance (sometimes 72 hours).

Establish a daily cleaning program to protect the floor and make maintenance easier. Cleaning should be done daily or on some other regular basis. 

Periodic Schedule

Cleaning on a periodic schedule is done to support daily maintenance. This will include extra scrubbing and polishing. It enhances the floor’s appearance and is effective in preventing damage that will lead to expensive restorative processes.

Salvage Level Cleaning

Restorative cleaning is the most expensive procedure to use on the VCT because of its labor cost. It is much less expensive to adhere strictly to the interim schedule and avoid more expensive cleaning.

Learning everything you can about your floor and which process to use to clean it is the first step toward maintaining a VCT, extending its life and keeping it beautiful for as long as you use it.

VCT Cleaning Services in Charleston

To avoid the labor and hassle of recommended cleaning, contact Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, the best VCT cleaning company in Charleston, SC. Our professional crew of VCT cleaners will cater to your busy schedule, giving you one less thing to worry about during the week. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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