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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC

Hardwood flooring can transform an ordinary house into an exquisite home. The diversity of floor options, colors and designs makes it easy for you to add a personal touch to your home. By learning more about floor types and what they have to offer, you can get the most from your hardwood floor investment. 

Hardwood Floor Types

Wood flooring can be placed into two categories: solid wood and engineered wood planks. Solid wood floors are composed of one wood piece ranging in thickness from ¾ inch to 5/16 inch. You can choose from such hardwood types as oak, cherry, maple and hickory, among others. Solid wood flooring is best installed above grade to protect it from humidity and climate changes. To retain the beauty longer, you can sand these floors down and refinish them as needed over time.

Engineered wood flooring consists of a multitude of wood planks placed in layers with the grain running in diverse directions to give the floor its stability. This makes for less expansion and contraction during humidity and temperature fluctuations. The upper layer is comprised of high quality wood to give the floor its aesthetic appeal. These floors can be refinished to maintain their attractive appearance, but not as often as their solid wood counterparts. 

Engineered wood planks can be installed on any level, i.e. above grade, on grade or below grade, by gluing, stapling or floating over other types of floors. These floors are available in an array of colors, thicknesses and widths to match the room where you want the floor installed. Professional hardwood floor cleaning in Charleston from Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning can help you maintain the aesthetic beauty of your product.  

Unfinished vs Factory Finishing for Your Wood Floor

Your wood floor’s finish protects it from daily wear and tear and gives it that “polished glow” to enhance your décor. When purchasing your flooring, you can select unfinished wood and have your installer sand and finish your final product on site, or buy factory finished flooring where the finish has already been applied by the manufacturer. There are advantages to both choices. 

Unfinished wood gives you greater control over the color of your floor, enabling you to match an existing floor or décor. With factory finished flooring, however, there’s no waiting period after installation as the product comes sanded, finished and ready to use immediately upon installing.  

With proper care, hardwood floors offer long lasting beauty for years to come. At Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning services, we provide that extra touch that guarantees gorgeous results. Contact our office today to speak with one of our passionate, knowledgeable floor cleaning experts to learn more about how our cleaning methods and other services make your home and office look and feel like it new. 

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