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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC

Vinyl composition tile (VCT) flooring, with its wide variety of patterns and designs, can transform your living, family room or office space into a warm and welcoming environment. By taking advantage of professional VCT cleaning in Charleston, your floor will retain its beauty for quite some time. VCT flooring is known for its durability, easy maintenance and stylish designs. Through diligent cleaning and care, your floor will retain its attractive appearance for years to come.

Is Professional Floor Cleaning Worthwhile?

There’s nothing like dull and lifeless VCT flooring to ruin a beautiful home’s feel and ambiance. There are several reasons why a VCT floor may lose its shine. Lack of maintenance and care can result in an accumulation of dirt and grime, making your floor appear lifeless and dull. Wear and tear can also take its toll, resulting in ugly stains or discoloration. Professional VCT cleaning services from Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning can help restore the aesthetic appearance of your flooring and bring back its beautiful shine. 

We offer a viable solution to getting your VCT floors sparkling clean. Few homeowners have the time, resources or equipment to deep clean their floors on their own. In contrast, professional technicians know just what products to use and provide their own equipment to get the job done. 

Different floor types take different chemicals and cleaners to produce successful results. Citrus Fresh carpet cleaners are experts in their field, making sure your VCT floors receive the care they need. Using auto scrubbers, Citrus Fresh technicians remove deeply embedded dirt and grime to get your floor squeaky clean. Next, stains and discoloration are eliminated by shaving off the first few layers of floor finish. Finally, a new coat of finish is reapplied to restore your floor’s shine. 

The Professional Touch

Hiring a professional floor cleaner makes a marked difference in the upkeep of your VCT floors. Daily cleaning requires little more than sweeping and mopping. Over time, however, your floor will eventually show signs of wear and tear, requiring professional maintenance and conditioning to look its best. Although this flooring is extremely durable and resilient, it still needs special care from time to time to keep it in top condition for the long haul.  

At Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we offer personalized floor care treatments to meet each and every one of our customer’s needs. If your VCT flooring has lost its luster and charm, call us today for the professional touch that can bring your floor back to life.

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