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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC

Carpet Cleaning Services on James Island, SC

James Island, across the Ashley River from Charleston SC, is one of the Sea Islands, a group of 100 barrier islands that extend from South Carolina to Florida. The island was first settled by British colonists after Charleston was founded in 1670. It became home to indigo and rice plantations, farms, and fishing operations. The island was important in protecting Charleston from invasions by the French, Spanish, British, and pirates. It is the home of Fort Johnson which fired on Fort Sumter to begin the Civil War in 1861.

The James Island of today has all of the amenities of modern living. The landscape is dotted with old oaks scattered across grassland, marshy areas, historic sites, great schools and recreation areas. The town of James Island has a population of 11,500 of the island’s 33,781 people. People like living on the island because of the advantages of a quiet rural setting with easy access to urban amenities in Charleston.

Carpet Cleaning on James Island, SC

Summer is over. The kids are back in school and there is finally time for the kind of cleaning needed to get the house back in top shape. You look at the carpets, and shake your head. Who knew that all the fun the family had this summer would take such a toll on the floors? If you don’t know where to begin, call the professionals at Citrus Fresh Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services Inc. We have the expertise to tackle even the toughest jobs in and around James Island.

Carpet Cleaning Services on James Island, SC

Citrus Fresh Carpet & Rug Cleaning has been serving the Metro Charleston community for years, using our proprietary cleaning solution that is chemical-free and safe for pets and children. Our cleaning products are made from citrus peel extracts and, unlike traditional carpet cleaners, are residue free.

Our carpet cleaning service is done in five steps:

  • Remove all Dust and Particles with a Vacuum Cleaner
  • Apply the Special Formula Citrus Cleaner
  • Scrub the Carpet with a Carpet Cleaning Machine with Rotary Brushes to Remove Deep Soil, Dirt, Most Stains, and Allergens
  • Vacuum Again to Remove any Remaining Soil or Particles
  • Allow Carpet to Dry for a Couple of Hours and Enjoy the Great Clean Carpet Aroma

For all of your carpet cleaning needs on James Island and the entire Charleston area, contact Citrus Fresh Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services Inc. today. Our team of professional carpet cleaners will work around your schedule, and will leave the carpets throughout your home looking brand new!