Carpet Cleaning Services in Walterboro, SC

Known as the front porch of the Lowcountry, Walterboro has charm and rich history in abundance. If the annual Rice Festival fails to captivate you, the antiquing certainly will grab your interest. An occasional visit to the Great Swamp Sanctuary is also a must. What is not desirable, however, is bringing the swamp into your home and onto the carpet. It really is best to leave the wonders of Walterboro where they belong, and Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning can help you to do just that.

Carpet Cleaning in Walterboro, SC

It always sounds idyllic when interior designers advise you to bring the outdoors inside, but there are some limits and practical concerns with that. Carpets and area rugs look and smell their best with certain exterior elements left at the door. When less welcome remnants from a day in Walterboro do find their way onto the floors, a professional cleaning with our specially formulated solution can leave them looking great again and smelling fresh.

The Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning method is natural and friendly to the environment, but it is still very effective. There is also no sticky residue left behind. Our cleaning solution made from citrus peel extract makes this possible, and it allows us to avoid using harsh chemicals on your carpets and rugs. While most carpet cleaners attract dirt and soil again after a cleaning, the Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning solution repels dirt and soil particles. This means that regular vacuuming after a cleaning can keep the carpets clean for longer periods.

We are insured, licensed and bonded cleaning experts, and we offer a number of other services that have our guarantee of satisfaction:

  • Pet Stain and Odor Removal
  • Carpet Stretching and Repair
  • Replacement of Carpet Padding
  • Area Rug and Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning
  • Fiber and Carpet Stain Protector
  • Repairing Holes and Burns in Carpet
  • Cleaning and Polishing of Hardwood Floors
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Grout Color Sealing

Area Rug Cleaning in Walterboro

We also offer area rug cleaning on-site and off-site. Light cleaning may be done in the home, and a full service cleaning is performed in our shop. The rugs are pre-tested for color fastness before undergoing our professional cleaning process. You can expect the same excellent results with our area rug cleaning as with our other services. Call us today, and come home from a trip to the Tuskegee Airmen Memorial knowing that fresh carpet and flooring will greet you.