Grout Color Seal of Charleston, SC

We are Charleston, SC and the Surrounding Area’s top Grout Color Sealer. Our business evolved out of the need for a solution to properly seal grout. Clear sealers and stains are very difficult to apply and require ongoing maintenance at least every six months. If no sealer is applied at all then mop water, spills, soil and bacteria continually soak into grout causing dirty and discolored grout lines.
Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Inc. uses a proprietary Grout Color Sealer, that penetrates into the grout lines and dries as hard as the tile, forming a permanent, protective barrier against stains, discoloration and bacteria. Our Color Seal contains an anti microbial ingredient that inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, or mildew. When cured, any liquid that contacts the Color Seal will activate the embedded anti microbial ingredient. Our Color Seal will provide a long lasting asthetically pleasing and sanitary finish on any grout to which it is applied.

* You will love the look of your “new floors” without the expense of a remodel!


Our Product Will:

  • Restore orginal color
  • Transform entire look of floor
  • Require low maintenance to clean
  • Eliminate odor-causing bacteria
  • Large Color Selection


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