Homeowners in Charleston and its Metropolitan area have the excellent services of Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, a local family-owned business, as the number one selection for your carpet cleaning and other household cleaning needs, including tile and grout, upholstery, Oriental rugs, area rugs and intense hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services


Hardwood floors are popular for their beauty and durability. They are also easily maintained with proper care and cleaning. Even with regular care, though, all hardwood floors eventually need thorough cleaning in order to remove built-up grit and dirt from the spaces between floor boards.

Regular cleaning should never be done with a wet mop as it can dull the floor’s finish. Clean instead by using a dust mop or regular broom to sweep, then vacuum with the beater attachment turned off or with a special hardwood floor attachment.

Citrus Fresh takes great care to protect your floors and furniture when deep cleaning your hardwoods.
Our cleaning process begins when:

  • We first move all your furniture out of the way, taking care to carry and not slide the pieces. The floors are then thoroughly vacuumed and then dust mopped.
  • Then we use our new rotating cylindrical brush machine to scrub and gently clean while extracting all the surface contaminates and even the toughest dirt from the cracks. This new machine has an exclusive vacuum and water containment system that leaves the floor immediately dry after cleaning it.
  • Next we provide a water-based eco-friendly surface finish with very low fumes to finish your hardwood floor. You can choose from gloss or satin finish. Your floors will look new and we will return all the furniture to its place. To maintain this look, continue to vacuum and dust mop regularly and wipe up liquid spills immediately, keeping your floor dry at all times.

Placing area rugs at all home entrances will help to collect grit and small stones before they can damage your hardwood floors. Make sure the rugs do not have rubber backs, though, as these can cause discoloration of your flooring. Ask rug manufacturers for recommendations of the safest rugs for use with hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Charleston, SC

Remember to call Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning for all your Hardwood Floor cleaning needs. We will be happy to clean your carpets as well and provide repeat services as needed. We look forward to safely cleaning your home or business soon!