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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC

citrus-fresh-ketchup-stainSummer is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy the weather and your family’s company, especially when grilling out or barbequing. From pool parties to 4th of July celebrations, foods like burgers and hot dogs are quintessential staples at these get-togethers, and one of America’s favorite condiments to add to these foods is ketchup. While ketchup can add an extra layer of flavor to your food, it can also add an extra layer of frustration when your kids or guests spill it on your carpets. We’ve all been there before, but by following the easy tips below, you can lift that annoying ketchup stain in no time.

  • Use white, clean cloths or towels to gently blot the area to absorb any excess ketchup.
  • Using a spoon or knife, scoop up semi solid remnants and use a vacuum to suck up solids.
  • Mix a small amount of dishwashing soap with water (Note: DO NOT use “a carpet friendly spot remover”, as these products can actually set the stain!). Sponge the stain with a white cloth that has been soaked in the solution that you have prepared. Next, blot the stain with the same cloth so that the liquid and stain is slowly removed.
  • You may have to repeat this process depending on how deep the stain is or how large it is.
  • After the bulk of the stain has been removed, rinse the area with cold water.
  • Finally, dry the treated area with paper towels using the same blotting technique.

Look no further than Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning for professional and thorough carpet cleaning services in Charleston, SC. Let our team handle any size project from a tiny, stubborn carpet stain to whole house cleanings. Remember that we offer many additional services, including incomparable upholstery cleaning in Charleston, SC and several tile and grout services as well. As an Angie’s List award recipient and with years of service in the Metro Charleston area, you can rest assured that we can tackle any job that you have for us!

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