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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC

Miroseal-Lady-with-BabyCitrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers high-quality Microseal services in Charleston, SC. MicroSeal is the planet’s only fabric protector that remains in place permanently. It shields fabrics from many different types of stains and boosts their durability without harming your home or the environment. This fabric protector has four main benefits:

Stain Resistance

Microseal stops dirt and other grime from penetrating the surface of upholstery or carpet fibers. This prevents harmful, long-lasting stains. It also permits you to clean the surface of your carpets and upholstery easier and faster. The protective seal fights mildew and smoke residues as well. It even prevents Charleston’s bright sunlight from making fabrics fade.

Boosts Longevity

This product makes it harder for dirt to damage fabric surfaces. The protective layer increases abrasion resistance by as much as 60 percent. This allows furniture, rugs and leather products to last considerably longer. You will not have to replace or repair them as often, saving you money and the headache of trying to find new furniture and other home accessories.

Safe to Use

Microseal does not harm upholstery or carpets in any way. It is formulated to ensure it has no effect on the appearance or smell of fabrics we apply it to. The seal does not trap existing grime in the cloth or cause anything to shrink.


Microseal has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Although it remains in place permanently, the seal is biodegradable and non-toxic. It was carefully designed not to harm the environment, trigger allergic reactions or cause health problems when it is applied to fabrics.

The staff at Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning understands the importance of your furniture and carpets. You probably invested a great deal of time and money in choosing and purchasing the right furnishings for your home. We know you want them to look fantastic and last for many years to come. Our Microseal services can make this a reality.

This one-of-a-kind solution will permanently protect all of your household fabrics. It was created in Great Britain and modeled after a substance that can be found in wool that has similar properties. This product can reliably safeguard your carpets and furniture without any undesirable side effects.

If you want the protection of MicroSeal in Charleston, SC, turn to the experts at Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning. We possess nearly a decade of experience in South Carolina and employ a knowledgeable, courteous staff. To learn more about how Microseal can protect the fabrics and carpets in your home, or to find answers to any of the questions that you may have, contact our office at today at (843) 566-4018.

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