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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC
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At Citrus Fresh Cleaning & Purifying Specialist our mission is the provide you with the most outstanding service experience ever! Spring is around the corner and with the changing seasons we realize how important it is for your home to get a deep cleaning. Let us help you get you and your home in the spring spirit by cleaning your rugs,carpets,hardwoods, tile and grout!


  1. Carpet Cleaning utilizes a much more natural method of carpet cleaning that is extremely effective while also being friendly to the environment. This is made possible by a cleaning solution that is made from a citrus peel extract. In addition to avoiding putting harsh chemicals in your carpet, another benefit is that our citrus-based cleaner doesn’t leave a soapy residue.


Traditional carpet cleaning methods are notoriously poor at removing all of their cleaning solutions, and the result is carpet that attracts soil particles immediately, holds on to them and leaves them feeling stiff. The Citrus Fresh cleaner does the exact opposite. It actively repels dirt particles and makes them easy to pull out using standard vacuuming methods. Keep it regularly vacuumed, and your carpet will stay cleaner, longer. The only things we leave behind is the fresh, clean smell of citrus.


  1. Tile and Grout cleaning can often be forgotten and is vital to keeping our bathrooms, kitchens, and all tiled surfaces germ free.We use a unique blend of cleaning solutions that specifically target different types of soils, residues, oils and stains.


This is combined with a high-pressure rinse and extraction to leave your tile and grout looking spotless and fabulous.
Then we use a fast drying technique that will have your freshly cleaned tile floors ready for light use almost immediately. Your tile and grout flooring can be cleaned and sealed on the same day.


  1. Fresh Flying carpets” – Area rug cleaning; Depending on the level of soiling and odors in the rug, light cleaning can be done at your home or in our new office. The fringes can be groomed but not fully washed at your home, when using the light cleaning service.


This is a safe, low moisture process that not only cleans your rugs, but will also bring out the rich colors again. Your rugs will be dry in 2 hours or less.


4. Hardwood floors are popular for their beauty and durability. They are also easily maintained with proper care and cleaning. Even with regular care, though, all hardwood floors eventually need thorough cleaning in order to remove built-up grit and dirt from the spaces between floor boards. Citrus Fresh takes great care to protect your floors and furniture when deep cleaning your hardwoods.


By visiting our new website can get a free estimate and book your Spring cleaning right now! Don’t wait! Call Citrus Fresh to let us help you let the spring time in!


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