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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC

Because of the inherent differences between hardwood flooring and carpeting, there is a difference in the way these floors are kept clean and looking new. Understanding the distinction between these two options is the first step in deciding which to install in a home or office, and which carpet cleaning services to choose for maintenance and upkeep.

Some of the common aspects of hardwood flooring include high-end looks and finishes and easier daily cleaning, although hardwood floors need to be treated and cleaned by professionals to maintain its looks and durability. Because of the longer lifespan that typically comes with hardwood floors, the initial cost does tend to be higher; however, hardwood adds value to your home and don’t’ stain as easily as carpets. Hardwood floors can also be protected using area rugs, which allows homeowners the option of experiencing the comfort of carpet under their feet and the ability to customize the look and “feel” of their floors.

The characteristics of carpet are essentially the opposite of those for hardwood. Office and homeowners often say that carpeting warmer and more comfortable. Carpet also provides an extra level of safety over hardwood because it is much less likely to be slippery when wearing socks. This holds especially true for households or places with children. Carpet also tends to be significantly cheaper than hardwood in up-front costs, but needs replacing more often and takes a higher level of care and cleaning in order to extend its life. While hardwood floors look nice, there is a noise factor when moving furniture, especially on the upper levels of a home or office, while carpeting tends to be quieter.

The most important factor to note for both carpeting and hardwood flooring is that both require a level of care so that they continue looking nice and new. For each type, different forms of cleaning and maintenance is needed. If you have questions about hardwood flooring or carpet cleaning in Charleston, SC, or if you know that your floors don’t look as beautiful as the day they were installed, contact Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning today. We would love to speak with you about our cleaning process, and how our experienced team of professionals will leave your carpets or hardwood floors looking, feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

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