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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC

Flooring makes a distinct contribution to the décor of a home. Beautiful flooring can bring out the best in your home, making it the comfortable environment that you want to come home to after a long day’s work. One issue that home owners face is whether to invest in carpeting or hardwood flooring for their house.  Both options offer beauty and value, although there are distinctions between the two. 


Stylish hardwood floors can greatly enhance a home’s look and value. If you’re considering selling your home in the future, wood floors can make your abode more attractive to prospective buyers. According to USA Today, buyers are not opposed to investing more in a home with quality hardwood floors. When comparing the sales of homes with carpeting to those with hardwood flooring, more realtors consider wood flooring an asset for sales. 


Wood flooring has long been a favorite of homeowners due to the fact that home owners find it easier to clean. Oak flooring adds an elegant touch to a home, while bamboo floors are also popular due to their durability and eco-friendly properties.


Most wood floors require little more than daily sweeping and dry mopping every few days, and a monthly polish regiment with a wood cleaning solution. Professional hardwood floor cleaning in Charleston from Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning is also available to keep your floors in top condition for years to come. 

If variety is what you’re after, you can always place carpeting over your hardwood floors for a temporary change or new twist. 

Health Benefits

Although wood floors are easy to clean, dust and allergens can collect on its surface and be released into the air by walking or sweeping, aggravating allergies and respiratory problems. In contrast, carpets tend to keep dust and allergens trapped within its fibers until they are vacuumed away. Many of today’s carpets also contain anti-bacteria coatings that reduce germs and allergens to give you a more hygienic environment.  

Food and drink spills cause greater risk of staining carpets, ruining their aesthetic appearance. Depending on traffic, carpets may also suffer greater wear and tear over time, requiring replacement more frequently than their hardwood counterparts.  

When it comes to restoring your floor’s natural beauty, Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, your professional hardwood floor cleaning company in Charleston, SC, can take care of both your carpeting and hardwood floor needs. Give our office a call today to learn how Citrus Fresh’s proprietary cleaning solution leaves your carpets and hardwood floors looking and smelling like new.

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