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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC

Carpet and area rug cleaning is often and overwhelming task to undertake, despite popular opinion.  Therefore, it is a task that should be left to a professional carpet cleaner like for the following reasons:

To Eliminate the Need to Rent a Carpet Cleaning Machine

Perhaps the biggest motive to hire a professional carpet cleaner rather than doing go it yourself is that it eliminates the need to rent a carpet cleaning machine.   It is costly to rent a carpet cleaning machine compared to hiring a professional carpet cleaner because when one adds up the cost of the carpet cleaning machine itself, the cost of the cleaning chemicals required and the additional tools that may be needed, very little savings are made.

Different Types of Carpet that Require Specific Cleaning Agents

There are many different types of carpet in the market today, such as, nylon, wool and many others. Trained professionals have the skills and knowledge to determine what type of carpet an individual has and what type of cleaning agents will be the most suitable. This ensures that the carpet is not damaged in any way during the carpet cleaning process.

Difficult Stains

There are numerous types of stains; some can be very challenging to remove without the help of a professional.  The stains have the capability of becoming permanent spots if not removed carefully. Most professional carpet cleaners have the proper machines and cleaning agents to handle this problem.

Substandard Carpet Cleaning Machines

Most portable carpet cleaning equipment available for rent or sale will leave dirt and soil behind after cleaning. The motors in these types of equipment do not have the power of those used by professionals, so, not only is dirt left behind but much of water and cleaning agents are as well.  Over wetting can cause mildew and odors, which will leave your carpet with an offensive smell and harmful mildew. Also, leaving behind the cleaning agent in your carpet will cause more rapid re-soiling from sticky remains.

It is almost always a safe investment to hire a professional carpet cleaner.  Most professional carpet cleaning companies like Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Inc., will use state of the art equipment to ensure that your carpets are kept in the best condition possible.

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