Carpet Stretching and Repair Services

carpetJust because there is a little damage does not mean you need total replacement. Simple seam repair, power stretching, or patching may be all that is needed to restore the great look of your carpet. At Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Inc. , we have highly skilled and professional technicians that can make your carpet look new again.


Carpet Stretching copyhallway-wrinkle-before




Type of Repair Work:

  • Ripples, waves, and buckles can typically be stretched out.
  • Open seams in doorways, halls and walk areas can be repaired.
  • Damaged areas resulting from burns, tears, permanent stains, bleach spots, or other mishaps can be patched.
  • Pads can be replaced from soak through damage, such as those coming from misbehaving pets.

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