Charleston Carpet Cleaning Services

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning utilizes a much more natural method of carpet cleaning that is extremely effective while also being friendly to the environment. This is made possible by a cleaning solution that is made from a citrus peel extract. In addition to avoiding putting harsh chemicals in your carpet, another benefit is that our citrus-based cleaner doesn’t leave a soapy residue. Traditional carpet cleaning methods are notoriously poor at removing all of their cleaning solutions, and the result is carpet that attracts soil particles immediately, holds on to them and leaves them feeling stiff. The Citrus Fresh cleaner does the exact opposite. It actively repels dirt particles and makes them easy to pullout using standard vacuuming methods. Keep it regularly vacuumed, and your carpet will stay cleaner, longer. The only things we leave behind is the fresh, clean smell of citrus.

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Before Living Room
After Living Room

Our Charleston Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Process:

  1. We begin by pre-vacuuming all the areas to be cleaned. This is a very important first step in our process.
  2. Next, we pre-spray your carpets with our exclusive Citrus Fresh Cleaner.
  3. We then scrub your carpets with a rotary machine, which cleans the carpet fibers and pulls out deep embedded soil, stains, hair and allergens.
  4. Last, we vacuum the carpets again which ensures that all the loose dirt and hair is effectively removed from your carpets.
  5. Your carpets will be dry in 2 hours or less on average, leaving behind a nice Citrus Fresh scent and groomed look.