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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC

Pet Stains and Odor Removal Services

We love our pets and they become part of our life and family. However, we can’t ignore their capacity to make a mess on our carpets, upholstery and rugs. There’s also the issue of pet odor that gets trapped in the carpet and upholstery fibers. Ultimately, bacteria will end up becoming a problem for your health.

Citrus Fresh uses GREEN technology that won’t harm your pets or children. It stops harmful bacterial growth found in animal urine, feces and vomit, leaving your home safe!

In many cases our normal cleaning process is enough to correct minor pet odors. Our powerful citrus fresh process can effectively remove urine stains and odors from carpet fiber. We we often save you from having to replace your carpets, something of key importance in these trying economic times. This is a cleaning process that can be handled in a few different ways. We will always review the situation with you, and will provide you with choices in how to best treat your particular problems.

We have 2 ways of treating pet odor problems:

Minor Odor Treatment – Our citrus fresh process can effectively remove pet odors and urine from the surface of the carpet. We can also provide an additional treatment with a natural odor Eliminator with an additional cost of $40 dollars per room.

Moderate Odor Treatment – This process will reduce the odor significantly, but may or may not completely cure severe problems. Before we even start our regular cleaning, we start with the water claw subsurface extraction process. This process is $60 to $100 per room or area. We use a special oxidizing deodorizer so the cleaning agent reaches into the padding, down to the subfloor. We then use our “water claw” sub surface extractor to pull the urine out, then clean the carpets as usual.

Why Does Pet Urine Have Such a Strong Smell?

There are two sources of odors associated with urine. The first source is the bacteria. 

  • Bacteria multiplies quickly in dark warm places like urine puddles which offer a never-ending food source.
  • The combination of bacterial growth and the breakdown of the urine creates amino acids. These complex organic compounds will often work deep into the fibers to a point of becoming part of the fiber.
  • The waste materials and gases from the decomposing urine create an unpleasant odor.
  • When dried urine is remoistened, it gives off an ammonia gas and an unforgettably terrible smell.

The second source of odor is chemical odor that is present even when the bacteria have been killed.

  • This is the reason that it is necessary to neutralize odors from urine in addition to sanitizing the area.
  • The salts and crystals that are left behind as the urine dries are hydrophilic and draw water to them.
  • Dried urine is often easy to smell in the humid months because the salts attract the moisture, the moisture evaporates putting out a greater proportion of odorous ammonia gas.

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