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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC

We use a low moisture extraction tool process. Because we use air movers, in combination with our low moisture extraction tool, your furniture is usually dry in a few hours or less. Our highly trained technicians will help restore your upholstery to a beautiful new look and feel. Cleaning your furniture will: reduce pet dander and allergens, reduce odors, remove stains and pet hair, and improve your furniture’s appearance.


  • Safe for all kinds of furniture and upholstery. Some of the finest natural fibers and synthetics are quite sensitive to cleaning, and our process is safe for them too.
  • We are safe to kids, pets, and the environment alike.
  • Detergent and shampoos can leave a sticky residue on your furniture that attracts soil and stains more easily. Our system leaves no residues behind. When completed, your furniture or upholstery is clean and Citrus Fresh.
  • Perfect for auto and boat interiors or any outdoor/indoor upholstered item.
Chair Cleaning
Chair Cleaning

Why Clean Your Furniture

  • Reduce Pet Dander
  • Reduce Allergens
  • Improve Furniture’s Apperance
  • Remove Stains
  • Remove Pet Hair
citrus fresh furniture cleaning