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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Charleston SC



“I’ve MicroSealed my entire home and both vehicles. In 14 years I’ve seen rust, red wine, blood, tar, home-made playdoh, blueberry smoothies, a house full of kids, and dogs that can do no harm! MicroSeal makes my life easier.”

– Heidi W., Homemaker

“Over the past decade we’ve had 4 different homes, all our automobiles and boats protected with MicroSeal. The product works wonders and the service is excellent.”

– Linda and Ralph L


“MicroSeal’s performance is very impressive.”

– Kelly Barnett, Falcon 900 Jet Pilot in Marysville, WA.

“MicroSeal was chosen as the only fabric protection for Dassault Falcon Jet Interiors for the past 20 consecutive years.”

– Sam Freeze President FTS, Little Rock, AR

“One of the world’s largest and most prestigious aerospace companys typically installs 100% wool carpeting in their Jet Interiors. The average carpet life-time of their leased jets is 18 months. The average carpet life-time of the same leased jet with MicroSeal is 30 months.”

– Diana S., President of SAI in Savannah, GA (20 years experience with MicroSeal)


“In our automobile interior applications, suede fabrics sun fade quickly without MicroSeal. We put swatches of a treated and untreated fabrics on our store windows and saw a big difference. Before we had MicroSeal, customers brought their cars back to us. After MicroSeal, we had no returns. Consequently, we wouldn’t sell an installation without MicroSeal.”

– Moe Pilgrim, Former Owner of Superior Auto Trim in Bellevue, WA.

“Shortly after having my pride and joy (a Mercedes C-320) protected, the following occurred: My dog bled all over it (her first heat cycle)… and I spilled my coffee. Both accidents cleaned up easily!”

Jay, Fabricator at Car Nutz in Bellevue, WA


“We poured a steaming hot mocha on a MicroSealed carpet and a manufacturer treated carpet; the MicroSealed carpet cleaned easily while the other stained.”

– Michael Hancock Originals / Custom Rugs, Worldwide.

“I’ve been in the carpet / upholstery cleaning business for 23 years. If it’s been MicroSealed, my job is easier…period.”

– Jeff Eisley – IICRC, Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning in Seattle: 425.822.2309


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